Boris Brejcha live at Kompass 28.09.2018

Yesterday the one and only Boris Brejcha visited Kompass here in Ghent 💖. Obviously I had to check that out, and man, what a party! He played a 5 hour set from 2 AM till 7 AM while there were also some other DJs like Reinier Zonneveld playing in the other room.

I've already been a few times to Kompass but never had to queue as long as today. I think we arrived at 00:45 and were only inside by 01:30. Not sure if everyone was just arriving at the same time or the security checks were more thoroughly, but that could have been definitely a bit smoother and faster.

I briefly checked out Reinier Zonneveld, which was also good, but spent most of my time at Boris Brejcha. I didn't make it till the end of the set however 😔, went home around 05:30, because dead ☠️.

Definitely go check him out if he's around. I liked it much better than when he plays at a (big) festivals!