Husky Safari, Lapland 2015

Now that I have been working more than a year, I was able to save up some money & go on my first solo trip - so I did! Last December I went with Joker for a week on husky safari in Muonio, Finland. With temperatures reaching -20 ºC it was at times very cold, but I really enjoyed the overal trip. Because we only had a few hours light every day we usually were only a couple of hours on the sled and spent most other time taking care of the dogs, enjoy the sauna, cook some food and play some games.

One of the absolute highlights for me personally was seeing the northern lights and stars so bright I could never imagine, it's just not comparable at all to Belgium. I think I will definitely do something like this again in the future. I could talk for hours about this trip, but since writing isn't really my strongsuit I'll just let the pics speak for themselves!

  • A person wearing winter gear and a fur hat stands inside a cozy wooden cabin, holding a camera for a selfie with a bed and window visible in the background.
  • Sled dogs pulling a sled through a snowy forest with frost covered trees, with a close focus on a dog looking at the camera.