Running a dedicated Quake III Arena server on Raspberry Pi with Docker

Quake III Arena, almost 20 years old by now but still an absolute classic! I would dear to say it's probably one of the best (FPS) multiplayer games ever made 🤩. We used to play it sometimes at school during lunch breaks in the computer classroom, very nostalgic feelings 🥺.

So, if you're also starting to feel a bit nostalgic... It's super easy to run your own Quake III Arena server! No installing of packages and trial & error compiling for hours. Thanks to Docker you'll be up and running in just a couple of minutes! (I am assuming you have docker installed though)


There's actually not really any installation at all, you just need to copy a few files. For your convenience I've made a script that does that for you, run the following command and you're good to go! If you still want to customize some server settings, edit the ./quake3/server.cfg file after the script finished.

curl -sSL | sh


cd ./quake3
docker-compose up -d



It runs without any issues and uses about 30MB memory and +-20% CPU on average (on model 3B+).


I'm using the ioquake3 client for macOS and on Windows the Steam version. But ioquake3 is available for any platform, you just need the pak0.pk3 file. That's it, kick some ass 🎮!