Schietsjampettermolen at night

There were reports of a heavy solar storm and a chance of seeing northern lights in Belgium on Saturday. So I went out around 11 pm to a "dark spot" (does not really exist around here) I hoped to have a good chance of seeing it.

Sadly there was not much to be seen, it was however a clear sky. After 2 hours of waiting I gave up and went to bed. The day before, on Friday people were apparently more lucky, but I missed these reports and also my chance... Even-though I didn't see the northern lights this time, I did get to see them once before in Muonio (Finland).

Anyway here's a pic of the spot I went to, a tradditional windmil in Kruisem.

  • Silhouette of a traditional windmill against a night sky sprinkled with stars.

Fujifilm X-S10, Fujinon XF23mm F2
Edit: Adobe Lightroom