Signal de Botrange, High Fens

To see a little bit of snow around here you need to be lucky, or drive to the highest place of Belgium. Since a couple of years this has now become a yearly tradition where we go for a day trip to the High Fens for some strolling through the snow. There's just something magical about it, love it! ☃️

  • A snowy landscape with heavily snow-laden trees bending under the weight of the snow, under a clear blue sky with the sun shining brightly.
  • A snowy landscape featuring heavily snow-laden trees with a clear blue sky in the background. A narrow path winds through the snow-covered ground.
  • A snowy landscape featuring a dense forest of snow-covered fir trees under a clear blue sky, with undulating drifts of pristine snow in the foreground.
  • A snowy landscape with tall fir trees heavily coated in snow, under a clear blue sky. A narrow path leads through the forest, flanked by snow-laden trees.

Fujifilm X-S10, XF 23mm f2
Edit: Adobe Lightroom