Urbex: Train wreck in port of Ghent

Sun was shining, 18 degrees and it was even going to get warmer that afternoon. Perfect day to visit an urbex location! I heard about a train wreck in the port of Ghent, so I went to go have a look.

  • An empty road with train tracks running parallel on the right side, featuring old locomotives parked beside industrial buildings under a clear sky.
  • An old manual railroad switch lever, number 28, set against a backdrop of industrial buildings and rail tracks, under a clear sky.
  • An old, graffiti-covered electric train sits abandoned on rusty tracks beside a road, under a cloudy sky. The setting has an abandoned industrial feel.
  • An old, worn-out locomotive with chipped blue and white paint stands on train tracks, under a clear sky. The front displays the number "43" and has multiple headlights.
  • Close-up of the wheel and undercarriage of an old, rusty train car labeled "OOSTENDE" parked on railway tracks, showing details of its mechanical components and aging texture.
  • Interior of an abandoned train cab with weathered control panels, a cracked front window, scattered debris, and graffiti, giving a desolate and forsaken appearance.